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Frequently Asked Questions


Do You Offer Free Quotations?

Yes we do, however if the quote is in London it may be subject to a small charge to cover congestion fees. We always let our customers know in advance and never surprise them with unwarranted fees.

Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We take our payments via Stripe, they accept every form of credit card or debit card. We also accept bank transfers and PayPal. Cash is also an option if required. We do not accept cheques.

Do You Have a Minimum Call Out Charge?

Yes. Our current minimum charge is £150 + VAT. This covers our travel, technician and to carry out the job at hand in roughly one hour.

What Areas Do ProRange Services Cover?

We mainly cover Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, West Sussex, London and most of the South East. It's all subject to the work requirements.

What Services Do You Offer?

Commercial cleaning, domestic cleaning, exterior cleaning and wood floor restoration. 

How Successful Is Our Stain Removal Service?

90%. We pride ourselves in removal of most stains we come across. Whether it's red wine, coffee, chewing gun, tea etc. we always do our best to remove the stain at hand. However, we will not pretend that it's a 100% guarantee with removing all stains. Our experience has lead us to the conclusion that there are just some stains that will be very stubborn or won't ever be resolved. We always let our customers know in advance before proceeding with cleaning the stained area.

Do You Do Commercial Premises?

Yes. In fact this is where we work the most. The majority of our business comes from commercial work through hotels, schools, bars, restaurants, shops, colleges, offices, nightclubs, workshops, village halls, town halls, churches and many more. We actually have our recommendations listed via our recommendations page, if you wanted to see some of our references.

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