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Carpet Cleaning
Domestic & Commercial

Why choose us?

Carpets catch dirt, grime and stains on a daily basis, if untouched this can become permanent and ultimately deteriorate - with our 40+ years of experience you can rest easy knowing we will be applying our knowledge to solve your specific needs. Dirty carpets will not only effect their health but yours as well, they can cause respiratory issues, skin irritation and flair allergy's. We look to combat this using a hot steamy waters as well as the cutting edge in chemical technology, ensuring your carpet will be left feeling fresh and clean.

Not only fresh and clean but revitalised giving your carpet an extension of life. We even offer Insecticide to destroy harmful moths, their eggs and larva - which could all speed up deterioration. Finally we can  seal your carpets freshness with Scotchguard 

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Our Method

Our first concern is to identify the type of carpet we are dealing with and assemble the neccesary chemicals and fill our state of art machine with hot steamy water.

Using our professional quality products, we can tailor our treatment to your carpet - whether its grass woven, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic or wool we can work to relive all grime and dirt.

Working our way from back to front and arriving as we came in we leave no patch untouched, going back and forth to ensure all dirt gets lifted - whenever we encounter specific stains we collect the necessary bottles and go back over it with spray targeting it with more powerful products.

  • Prolong the life of your carpet - get value for your money.

  • Spot and stain removal - Revive your carpets to their original colour.

  • Improved Air Quality - Feel safe knowing your air is not being polluted with dirt from your carpets.

  • Protection from allergies - Your carpets can harbour residue that could be allergic to people exposed to it.

  • Carpet protection with Scotchgard or Prochem’s own product

  • Insecticide treatment (Kills moths, their eggs and larva on carpets etc)

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